Discord banned 55 million accounts and closed 68,000 servers in just 6 months

Discord in trouble!

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Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms in the entire world. Unfortunately, this has brought some negative aspects such as people using the platform for negative purposes. This has forced the company to take measures that have resulted in millions of banned accounts.

Discord recently shared a new transfer report, and in it they made it clear that their moderation and security team had a really tough 6 months. What happens is that between January and June 2022 he had to disable a total of 55,573,411 user accounts. Thats not all! What happens is that they also deleted 68,379 servers.

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Discord in trouble!

But what did all these people do to deserve the fury of the ban hammer? According to Discord, the vast majority were due to spam-related accounts. In fact, if you remove all accounts banned for spam, Discord only deleted 1,821,721 accounts.

Other accounts have been banned for issues such as child safety, extremist content, or illegal activities. Sadly, many people have used the popular communication tool for negative purposes, so Discord was forced to act to ensure that it is a safe place for all its users.

It is worth mentioning that users have the opportunity to appeal the ban to try to get their account back. That said, only 2% of appeals in the first quarter of 2022 ended in returned accounts. In this way, it is clear that Discord usually bans only the accounts that really acted badly.

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