DirectStorage on Forspoken reduces load times at the expense of in-game performance

DirectStorage on Forspoken reduces load times at the expense of in-game performance

There has been talk on several occasions about DirectStorage as the technology that will allow us to reduce the loading times of any resource of our favorite gamesbut it seems that something that was not taken into account was the possible impact on the performance of the games once they were loaded.

However, as can be seen in a PC Games Hardware video, It seems that this exists, and it is a performance drop that we can get to noticesince in the case of Forspoken, the first title that has been released with compatibility with DirectStorage, it has been possible to observe a performance drop of 10 percent when we use the technology with fast SSD drives.

It is not entirely clear why this is happening, and because it is unknown for example which units are being used or when measurements are being started and stopped there may be some skepticism about this problem, so there may be more research on it.

This can be a headache for both users and reviewers, because if it is really confirmed that DirectStorage reduces the performance of some games, you will have to start making decisions regarding sacrificing performance or loading times.

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