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Díaz Ayuso premieres the sequel to his private multiverse

Isabel Díaz Ayuso began the investiture speech, that piece of political oratory that is usually so boring, with a commitment that had to leave most journalists speechless. Like to rub his eyes and ears. “I have the obligation now more than ever to understand myself with those who think differently,” she said to comment on the fact that she has an absolute majority in the Madrid Assembly.

Within a few minutes, everything was back to normal. The public could breathe. Ayuso had not come out of the chrysalis state, becoming a symbol of tolerance. He returned to his usual frantic state. Those who have supported it at the polls “have voted for freedom” (not like the others). Madrid is “the breakwater of Spain”, the place “where the reconquest began” (not against the Arabs, but against the impious Reds of the current government). She mentioned “the presence of terrorists and their accomplices in the institutions” (maybe they have reformed the Penal Code and terrorism is no longer a crime). “Bildu is governing Spain” (with only five deputies out of 350, an achievement at the height of a McGyver of politics).

The president of Madrid added several pages to her manual on how to understand the most basic principles of politics. The woman who has led a political and cultural rearmament of the right, and for this reason has received such good marks from Vox voters, has a unique theory about what totalitarianism means. She denounced that everything has been politicized, even pets, to conclude with a general principle. “That is the definition of totalitarianism. Let everything be political.” Let’s see you get over that, Hannah Arendt.

After the speech, Mónica García, leader of Más Madrid, stressed that Ayuso had dedicated “more time to Bildu than to the teachers and pediatricians.” That is what her voters expect and the president never disappoints them. It could be said that it is what has granted him the absolute majority and it is possible that it is not an exaggeration.

The alternative reality in which Ayuso and the Madrid PP live encompasses all kinds of apparently contradictory dimensions. The criticism of the Catalan separatists of the state of Spanish democracy is virulently rejected and then it is argued that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is about to end freedom, with which the system does not seem very solid.

He even said on Wednesday that the central government “has ended any possibility of real debate and possible agreement.” Everyone has seen that in this legislature there has been a real and tense debate that would be impossible in a totalitarian regime.

Words have ceased to have meaning. For some politicians, that changes depending on the situation or their own interests.

After stoking the fire, it’s time to put on your firefighter’s uniform. Or to jump to a different dimension with its own timeline. For this reason, Ayuso affirmed in the final stretch of her speech that people like her make it their mission to clean up that environment: “We have to restore to politics the dignity and height that these years of corrosive coalition have tried to take away from it.”

Height like that of the Nuevas Generaciones militants in Madrid, the youth of the party, who make Txapote t-shirts, the ETA terrorist convicted of the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco, Gregorio Ordóñez and others, and the cheerful and short-legged message of “vote you Txapote” that they dedicated to Sánchez in the 28M campaign.

And they also take photos with the shirt, because they are very proud to live in the land of the free where it is a great idea to turn a murderer into a kind of pop icon with which to shake the adversary.

Those pups cannot be held fully responsible for this stabbing marketing. It was the leader of the pack who spread the phrase among her hosts and she did it at no less than a plenary session of the Assembly in February. I’m sure he’s in a position to dignify political life, because it’s difficult to fall below that level unless you take control of a tunnel boring machine. Relatives of those killed by the terrorist they do not see the grace nowhere.

The investiture speech had a lot of recycling of previous ideas that Ayuso will now be able to execute more easily by having an absolute majority. In some cases, it will get you to do something instead of nothing. Of the 15,000 public houses that he promised in the previous term, nothing has been seen, since they do not exist.

A novelty, already noted at the end of the previous legislature, is the reform of current trans rights law in the Community of Madrid since 2016. It was approved with the votes of PSOE, Ciudadanos and Podemos and the abstention of the PP.

He did not specify in the speech which of its elements he dislikes. He presented a list of general principles that the new law will uphold, some as unrelated to the issue as the presumption of innocence and freedom of the press. “Social engineering is not going to be done at anyone’s expense,” he announced.

This social engineering is a concept used by some on the right when passing laws that create rights or reinforce existing ones. By definition, it is considered something suspicious, like a demonic experiment in a laboratory. The kind of thing the Church didn’t allow before.

Ayuso is so grown up that she announced that “change is unstoppable” in the July elections. You have to wonder what the president will talk about if the right comes to Moncloa. She will be left naked and will have to invent a new speech to cover herself with. NNGG better send him some Txapote t-shirts. For that of dignity.


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