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Devil’s Nose, on via Bogotá – Girardot, permanently closed

Devil's Nose, on via Bogotá - Girardot, permanently closed

The Vía 40 Express concession reported that the sector of the Devil’s Nose, on the Bogotá – Girardot road, it had to be closed preventively.

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The decision was made on the afternoon of this Sunday, April 30, after technical personnel carried out an assessment on stabilization on the road.

This is a measure that is taken after an evaluation by the geotechnical team that had been accompanying the bench stabilization work in the area and identified a settlement in the pavement that represents a high risk of bench loss.“, reported Via 40 Express.

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The closure in the sector will be permanent while the necessary studies and analysis, given that “the safety of the users of the road corridor is a priority“.

The duration of this closure will be permanent until the necessary studies are carried out, since our main objective is to guarantee safety conditions“, he added.

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In order not to affect mobility on the road and to maintain movement in both directions, the momentary solution is to enable alternate steps through the Sumapaz tunnel.

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The closure in the Devil’s Nose occurs in the middle of the festive bridge of International Labor Day.


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