Dev apologizes for releasing a very bad game; he will make a remaster and give it away

Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story has reviews "mostly negative" on Steam

Although it took more than 2 years, a developer finally recognized that his game was unable to resonate with the players who gave it a chance. Aware of the poor reception, he promised that he will take action on it.

In 2020, he debuted Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story, a single-player survival stealth game where the player must survive an alien invasion. Unfortunately, it received very poor grades, something that was expected when you take into account that the reveal trailer left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now, 2 years after the original release, Nathan Seedhouse of Steel Arts Software studio acknowledged the poor reception his project received and vowed to improve it.

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Developer apologizes for failed release of Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story

Through a post on Steam, Nathan Seedhouse, lead developer of Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story, stated that he was away for a couple of years due to personal problems. When he came back, he discovered that the game has drawbacks and received extremely negative reviews from users.

“I came back to it with fresh eyes after 2+ years and fully understand the issues most people had with it”; stated the developer.

Nathan Seedhouse believes that under all the problems lies a decent title, so he assured that he will improve it through a remaster where he will take advantage of new technologies and his new knowledge in game development. He promises that he will read and address all concerns, especially common ones like clunky movement and frustrating stealth elements.

Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story has “mostly negative” reviews on Steam

As an act of good faith, the developer claims that the remaster will be available for free to all players who purchased Gray Skies: A War of the Worlds Story. In addition, it ensures that the original game will no longer be sold.

“I hope it goes some way to rectifying the mistakes we’ve made in this and that some of you are willing to try again. I will give an update on this as soon as possible. Thank you,” the statement concluded.

As highlighted by the media GamesRadar+the size of the Steel Arts Software studio and whether other members of the team will also return to work on the new free remaster is a mystery.

But tell us, what do you think of the creative’s gesture? Do you think he should throw in the towel and focus his efforts on another project? Let us read you in the comments.

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