Despite poor results, Square Enix works on multiple IPs and new titles

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The latest Square Enix games haven’t been much to fans’ liking; in fact, the games as a service of this company are becoming a duty. All this has been negatively reflected in the operations of the Japanese company; despite this, it has just announced the development of several new titles, including never-before-seen IPs.

Square Enix has just carried out its most recent financial report in which it revealed the company’s performance for the 9-month period ending December 31, 2022.

What is striking about this report is that the results were not good for Square Enix, since it reports that the net sales of its digital entertainment division were down compared to last year and partially blames “weakness”. of their PC games and smart devices, as new releases could not even overcome the poor performance of existing ones.

As for games for consoles, which Square Enix refers to as “HD games,” Square Enix says that sales fell short of year-ago levels despite the release of multiple titles.

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Square Enix anticipates new games

However, that did not discourage Square Enix, since in the same report it anticipated that it has “multiple new titles” in the pipeline, including some from “new IPs.”

Unfortunately, the company did not share more details, so we do not know if these new games have already been announced or if they are projects that will be released in the coming months. That said, we must wait to discover the surprises that the Japanese company is preparing.

It’s important to remember that Square Enix’s games as a service haven’t fared very well, as an example are BABYLLON’S FALL and Chocobo GP, which will no longer be supported. But apparently great months are coming, since it will debut soon final fantasy 16 and it’s on its way too Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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