DeSantis Signs Bill Upholding Death Penalty For Florida Child Rapists

() — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed three “anti-crime” bills this Monday, one of which would allow child molesters to be sentenced to the death penalty and the minimum sentence to be life in prison without parole .

“We believe that in the worst of the worst cases, the only appropriate punishment is the maximum penalty, so this bill establishes a procedure to be able to challenge that precedent,” the Republican governor said at a press conference in Titusville, Florida. .

This bill goes against a 2008 US Supreme Court ruling that prohibits states from applying the death penalty for statutory rape if the victim does not die. the high court ruled in Kennedy v. Louisiana that the Louisiana statute imposing the death penalty for rape of a minor was unconstitutional under the Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment.

“However, with regard to crimes against the person, the death penalty should not be extended to cases in which the life of the victim is not taken,” wrote the then-justice of the US Supreme Court. ., Anthony Kennedy, in the majority ruling.

DeSantis’ action comes as the 60-day session of the Florida Legislature nears its end this week. In the state capital, Tallahassee, GOP lawmakers have helped DeSantis rack up several political victories as his potential 2024 run for president is outlined, and he has already signed several high-profile bills, including a abortion ban, a measure to allow Floridians to carry concealed weapons in public and a review of the state’s tort laws.

“In Florida, we stand up for the protection of children,” DeSantis said. “Unfortunately, in our society, you have very heinous sex crimes that are committed against children under the age of 12.”

“The perpetrators of these crimes are often serial criminals,” the governor added. “We really believe that part of a just society is having an adequate punishment. And so if you commit a crime that is really, really heinous, you should have the maximum punishment.”

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