Demon Slayer season 3: when and what time does chapter 10 premiere on Crunchyroll?

An intense fight is coming

This note contains spoilers for demon slayer season 3

The third season of demon slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is about to come to an end and anime fans are still impatient to know what will happen in the battle between Mitsuri and Hantengu. Because of this, we will tell you when and what time episode 10 will air.

An intense fight is coming

What happened in the last chapter of demon slayer?

As you surely remember, chapter 9 of the anime showed the last part of Muichiro’s battle against Gyokko. Also, we got to see the impressive arrival of the Pillar of Love to help Tanjiro, Nezuko and Genya against the other Upper Moon.

This is the trailer for the third season of demon slayer:

What time and where does the new episode of the anime premiere?

If you want to know how the story will continue in this arc, let us tell you that the tenth episode of season 3 of demon slayer will premiere next Sunday, June 11, at 11:45 a.m.Central Mexico time.

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It is worth mentioning that the only platform that allows you to see the new episodes of the series is Crunchyroll, so you need a subscription to the site.

Here we leave you the prices in our country:

  • fan plan ($119 MX per month): no ads, unlimited catalog access, episodes available one hour after Japan and for one device
  • Mega Fan Plan ($149 MX per month/$1,499 MX per year): no ads, unlimited access to the catalog, episodes available one hour after Japan, for 4 devices at the same time and episode downloads in the app

How many episodes will the third season of demon slayer?

The Blacksmiths Village arc will have 11 episodes in total, and there are rumors that the last one will be an hour long, so fans are about to see the conclusion of this part of the anime that has introduced them to several amazing characters.

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