Dead Space remake will include a new ending

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Those who are fans of dead space You may remember very well what the story of the title that began with the story of Isaac Clarke is like. The remake will be faithful to it, as EA Motive has made it clear that it will improve the experience and even add content, but always without missing the key moments of the narrative. However, the new clue betrays a major change to the original game.

In case you haven’t played the dead space original and the other games in the main series, each of them has 1 ending, so no matter how different paths or styles of games the user uses, the games end the same. However, this is about to change with the remake of dead space.

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Dead Space Remake will have a new ending

We know this thanks to the trophy list that just surfaced online. Without going into spoilers, what one of them mentions is striking because it says that it is achieved after “seeing the alternative ending in any difficulty mode”.

Naturally, it gave a lot to talk about, since there is no similar trophy in the first game for the simple reason that the experience offers only 1 ending.

Although the list (via TrueTrophies) reveals that the trophy is silver and secret, unfortunately it does not reveal the conditions under which this alternative ending is unlocked and the image of the trophy does not give any clue either.

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new end of Dead Space Remake will rewrite the story of the original?

The name, however, could hint at something. Even so, it is not known for sure what this alternative ending consists of, if it will have minimal differences or if they will be important to the game’s story or, more importantly, which one will be considered canon if relevant. However, given the nature of alternate endings, it’s very likely that it will involve a change in story.

We do not doubt that with this new remake Electronic Arts wants to explore new narrative opportunities that were not addressed in the original game or even change the fate of some characters, although the latter seems very unlikely. So far neither Electronic Arts nor EA Motive have spoken about it, so we will have to find out what this new ending is about.

What change do you think this new ending will have for dead space? Tell us in the comments.

The remake of dead space is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC and will debut on January 27, 2023. You can find more news related to this series by visiting this page.

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