Cybersecurity failure: ‘ransomware’ attacks skyrocket in 2023


A new report reveals that in just 6 months cybercriminals have raised almost the same money as in all of 2022 due to a rise in ransomware attacks.

The attacks of ransomware they have spiked again in 2023, after an apparent lull in 2022.

The Chainalysis Dataa cryptocurrency tracking company, reveal that in the first 6 months of this year, victims have paid to groups of ransomware a total of 449.1 million dollars (almost 400 million euros), approaching the total for all of last year, which reached 500 million (about 443 million euros).

This trend has come as a surprise—not a very pleasant one—to many, as actions taken by global law enforcement were thought to have had a significant impact in reducing hacking attacks. ransomware.

However, hacker groups have become more aggressive again, even threatening to publish sensitive stolen information to pressure victims to pay.

Cybersecurity again in the spotlight due to the increase in ‘ransomware’ attacks

Jackie Burns Koven, head of cyber threat intelligence at Chainalysis, suggests that budget shortfalls in 2022 may have led to attacks becoming more extreme, with groups of ransomware using more dangerous techniques to put pressure on their targets.

Security improvements and the availability of decryption tools offered by the FBI and private companies were key factors in the decline in attacks in 2022, but researchers believe that the war between Russia and Ukraine may have impacted the increase in the activity of ransomware this year.

Despite their efforts to deter attacks, the benefits continue to outweigh the risks for cybercriminals. Companies are still reluctant to report attacks for fear of damaging their reputations, leading to many incidents go unreported.

The researchers caution that groups of ransomware that still exist are highly powerful and are using new techniques to counter defenses and carry out their attacks. Massive exploitation campaigns, in which a group of ransomware exploits a vulnerability in a widely used product to launch multiple attacks are also a growing concern.

With the ransomware posing an increasingly serious threat in 2023, efforts to combat these types of attacks must be intensified to protect organizations and users around the world. The cybersecurity industry continues to evolve and adapt, and It is essential to face these challenges with effective measures and together.

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