Cyberpunk 2077 Subreddit Protests Posting Adult Content

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Lately 2 social platforms have implemented changes that have made their users angry. One of them is reddit and many of its communities protested against it, such as that of cyberpunk 2077who flooded this space with inappropriate content.

With the changes implemented last month, many communities decided to block access temporarily, but this was not an effective measure, since even the leaders of reddit claimed that the protest would pass and that it would not cause major financial havoc.

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There are other communities that decided to protest in a more aggressive way, by becoming inappropriate subreddits for minors. This enables users to post NSFW content (not suitable for viewing in public places) for its inappropriate content (mainly sexual).

This prevents unregistered users from accessing the site and also prevents reddit from placing ads, which affects the company’s revenue.

Well, fans of cyberpunk 2077 They decided to take these steps and the game’s moderators made the subreddit NSFW.

fans of cyberpunk 2077 protest against reddit

The subreddit dedicated to CD Projekt RED’s game was filled with posts featuring characters in underwear or engaging in sexual acts with other characters either within the game or using official 3D models or fan art.

reddit became aware of this change and the Mod Code of Conduct contacted the subreddit’s moderating users to reverse this change and make the community appropriate for all users, “probably confused by all the NSFW content” that suddenly began to be published.

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The moderator Tabnam says that this is what the message said, but he says that he will not remove the NSFW label from the subreddit, as he argues that it is a community that should have been NSFW from the beginning due to the NSFW nature of the game, which is suitable only for adults of age, since it has violent content, drug use, explicit nudity, etc.: “and fuck them,” said Tabnam.

The moderator indicates that the notice did not give an opportunity to respond, so it is likely that reddit will remove all mods for not complying with the rules. However, Tabnam believes that if this happens, at least it was after participating in “a fantastically fun event” and warned that if the subreddit returns to normal, it is not because the moderators changed their position, but because “they already They don’t have control of it.”

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