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Crypto market with more than 1 billion users

Cryptocurrencies and the different types of digital assets have become the investment option of many people worldwide, with whom they have come to obtain wealth through investments and revaluations of these digital financial instruments.

It is evident that for many people the idea that there is no financial entity constituted as such to control and supervise the transactions carried out with digital currencies is strange and insecure. Start your trading journey by investing in a reputable trading platform like

What is indisputable is that despite not being a monitored financial system, it has allowed many through its decentralization to execute transactions that have managed to benefit more than one user, where only the sender and receiver of digital transfers participate.

What future investors think

2022 has not been a positive year for cryptographic investments, which has been evidenced in the price of its financial instruments, among which Bitcoin stands out, which reached 16,000 dollars, after having reached a historical maximum of USD 60,000 in 2021. .

Although the adoption of digital currencies as a massive investment instrument is still in an introductory phase, due to the fact that after the COVID-19 pandemic, many people began to look for alternatives to obtain additional income.

Long-term cryptographic investments are the ones that perhaps generate the greatest profitability, but only professionals in the area are the ones who can accurately determine which is the best option, since any of the strategies that the investor decides can obtain benefits.

Possibly the prevalent sentiment in the digital asset market is to take the initiative to invest and take the risk as long as you don’t commit more than you own.

The volatility of financial markets is indisputable, some are higher than others, but everything will always depend on the risk and investment management plan established by the crypto user.

No movement is mandatory, any entry into the digital financial market requires preparation and the correct use of the tools available in this digital financial system, from selecting a secure wallet to the correct trading platform.

NFTs drive the crypto asset market

It could be considered that due to the evolution and impact that NFTs have had since 2020, many people have been able to consider these elements as a digital financial resource that could not only boost digital artists but also the Metaverse market.

According to statistical reports based on the non-fungible tokens sector, they have shown that the valuation that these assets could reach by the year 2030 will be close to 230 million dollars.

This shows that there is a wide possibility to achieve substantial growth and adoption of the crypto sector, where the suspicion of cryptocurrency investments could increase significantly, capturing the attention of many new users.

Internet, Metaverse and cryptocurrencies

Technology has proven to be the main tool currently used in terms of utility to obtain income through the platforms that are available on the Internet for the use and access of anyone.

It is there where the main importance of the use of information technologies to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment or investment in the short, medium and long term resides.

It is evident that there are many new trends in terms of income generation that many are not used to and that could represent the solution to many particular financial problems of each person.

We are facing the creation of new scenarios and technological projects that will undoubtedly impact the evolution of the crypto market and that will contribute to the massive adoption of the instruments that it has.

Thus, cryptocurrency holders and Ethereum addresses will increase, since they represent the main investment options that are most capitalizable over time, which will undoubtedly put cryptocurrencies in a different position compared to stock shares.


The financial stock market may be the main option for many investors, but the percentage of individual wealth disposed of in crypto investments covers 0.3%.

This is because many people when they evaluate the price of Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency according to market capitalization, consider that it is no longer the right time to invest because it is constantly increasing.

Even in its low phases, its price remains high for many people who want to enter the cryptoactive market, without leaving aside the volatility of the market that contributes to many withdrawing before trying to invest.

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