Cross Blitz, a deck-building RPG, announced


The Arcade Crew, the publisher of The Last Spell, Infernax, and Blazing Chrome, has teamed up with developer Tako Boy Studios to bring you Cross Blitz, a deck-building RPG featuring strategic turn-based combat. The title will be available through early access on Steam at the end of the year, as announced. If all goes according to plan, the title will remain under the protection of this program for 14-16 months.

Cross Blitz is a deck-building RPG set on Crossdawn Isle, a land filled with dangers, secrets, and characters that displays as a colorful world. pixel art. The title campaign follows the adventures of a group of heroes, each of whom has their own style of play and has the ability to engage in strategic turn-based battles when they face each other in card games. As they progress on their adventure, each hero will gain new cards that will modify and expand the possible strategies and custom decks based on the player’s preferred fighting style.

“Cross Blitz campaign spans over 30 hours of adventures […]”, assures The Arcade Crew. From day one the game will include two heroes with their own campaign, over 200 cards, and four deck archetypes. When Cross Blitz leaves Early Access a little over a year from now, it will have added three additional hero campaigns, a PvP multiplayer mode, and a total number of cards that will be between 400 and 500. Relics and trinkets will also be added, which together the rest of the content will be released along with updates with adjustments and balance changes.

Like other deck-building games, one of the keys to combat in Cross Blitz is knowing how to choose the cards in the deck well. To do this, we must take into account the combat style of the hero and during the confrontations polish the tactical skills to execute combos with the cards and get the most out of the synergies. In the trailer that accompanies the news you can see a demonstration of the gameplay.

In addition to the campaign, Cross Blitz includes a mode roguelike called Tusk Tales in which you go through a procedural map “that will add a hugely replayable challenge where there are never two exits that play out the same way,” says The Arcade Crew. In this mode, players will choose one of the available mercenaries, each with their own play style and starting deck of companions, and will face increasingly difficult enemies.

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