Creator of DELTARUNE and Undertale will celebrate their anniversaries with something special

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The indie scene is so big that it’s very easy to lose track of all the titles that are released on a daily basis. However, there are titles that earn their place over time due to how well they are made or the interesting proposal they offer, such as Undertale Y DELTARUNE. Both titles are a few days away from celebrating their anniversaries and their creator is ready to reveal something special, although there is news that fans will not like.

Composer and video game developer Toby Fox took advantage of his Twitter account today to communicate fantastic news for gamers who, from Undertale they continue their work. This month, September 2022, the franchise will be 7 years old, while Chapter 2 of DELTARUNE will celebrate its first year after its free launch in 2021.

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What prepares Toby Fox to celebrate Undertale Y DELTARUNE?

Naturally, the occasion is perfect for Toby Fox to share something related to the titles to please his fans who have supported him. If you are one of them, you will want to be aware of next week, because the creative anticipated that he has something “special” planned.

We remind you that Chapter 2 of DELTARUNE was released in mid-September 2021 for free, so the first 2 chapters can be enjoyed free of charge. However, Toby Fox announced that his plans had changed and that the future chapters would not debut in parts, but rather the player would know the complete story of Kris and Ralsei as part of a package that would be sold at an undefined price, but which he anticipated that would be more expensive than Undertale.

Unfortunately, the news was not entirely good, as Toby Fox confirmed that his team could not have anything ready to release for 2022, so we will not see the continuation of the story of DELTARUNE in the remainder of the year.

Chapter 1 debuted in 2018, Chapter 2 in 2021, so it is consistent to think that the remaining content, being made up of more chapters, should take more time to develop and it was somewhat far-fetched to think that it would be ready in 2022.

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Are you waiting for the new content of DELTARUNE? What surprise do you think Toby Fox is talking about? We remind you that as part of last year’s celebration, great figures of characters from Undertaleso it is possible that at some point there will also be DELTARUNE. Tell us in the comments.

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