Creating a game using Artificial Intelligence is possible and this is the result

Creating a game using Artificial Intelligence is possible and this is the result

The Artificial intelligence It has been the protagonist of headlines and content for several months. The main reason for this is that, at first glance, it seems that you can do absolutely everything: write texts, develop themes, discuss theories, create images, and even program complex lines of code that can be used for almost everything.

By having such an absurdly versatile utility, what happens is that There are people who have proposed to squeeze all the resources of these AI to create new content. The latest example of this comes from the hand of a person who has used Artificial Intelligence to develop a video game.

We are going to make a small advance and, is that, the video game is not completed. The person has indicated that it has been a matter of time rather than resources, and the fact is that the company involved in creating a video game from scratch translates into hours and hours of work that, unfortunately, he was not willing to assume.

The important thing, apart from the video game, is what he says when using Artificial Intelligence to develop this game. Alex Anyfantis is the person behind this idea and has published his entire process on SuperJump. Let’s see what this video game is like and, above all, how the development has been with a co-pilot AI.

Artificial Intelligence as an assistant in the development of a video game

Before getting into the matter, it’s time to take a short walk through the tools that he has used to develop this video game. The text and some lines of code have been provided by ChatGPT while Dall.E The AI ​​has been in charge of generating new and never-before-seen images that will illustrate this video game.

Maybe ChatGPT Sounds like a lot to you, this Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s lips due to its operation. What we find is an AI in a chat format with which we can interact to request different actions, such as writing a dialogue text between different characters or summarizing a concept.

Alex Anyfantis has put himself at the controls of ChatGPT to ask him to take charge of different parts of the development of the game. Among these parts is deciding the language that will be used for the creation of the video game that in the end has been JavaScript. Taking this moment as a starting point, development of the video game has begun.

The most interesting thing and what can be seen in the explanations given by Alex Anyfantis is that ChatGPT has given him certain indications so that he can carry out the development of the video game. Seeing that the situation was so comfortable What Alex has been doing is asking ChatGPT to write different lines of code.

These lines generated by ChatGPT correspond to the video game that has been developed, although not completed. It is impressive that Artificial Intelligence was able to offer code completely at will and, above all, that this would work when developing the video game that Alex Anyfantis had in mind.

But this has not been all since ChatGPT has also been in charge of writing a story for this video game. What has been asked of artificial intelligence is to write a short story that could be used as the basis for a role-playing game with a Japanese setting and, of course, ChatGPT has done what it knows best: invent.

With the story and the code, the only thing missing was the artistic section. In this case, ChatGPT is not very useful, so it has been completely necessary to switch to Dall.E, which is capable of creating new images from a phrase or a concept. How Dall.E works is very simple and the resulting images are curious.

Being a Japanese-inspired video game, the images have to be consistent and, therefore,the use of elements of Japanese popular culture has been specified. Of course, the style for which it has been decided to bet is 8-bit or Pixel art, therefore the characters have visible pixels in their outlines.

The choice of a more photorealistic aesthetic may have led to a more striking reaction, but that does not detract from the fact that, in case of not knowing how to model and draw, being able to use an AI to carry out the aesthetic part of a video game has enormous significance because this is within everyone’s reach with a computer or mobile phone.

It is impressive that a Intelligence Artificial is capable of supplanting, to a certain extent, the work of various people and that, furthermore, it brings to the table possibilities that until now were impossible for anyone with an internet connection. It is clear that it is a technological revolution that we are witnessing and we will have to adapt to it.

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