Counter-Strike 2 confirmed: Valve shares the first trailer of the game

Counter-Strike 2 confirmed: Valve shares the first trailer of the game

After many rumors and leaks, Valve finally makes it official. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2 It is a reality and we can already see the new mechanics of the classic shooter that has been consolidated for many years as the benchmark for the genre of tactical shooting games. You can now review the first official trailer.

When gamers least expected it, CS:GO shared the first teaser of what will be CS:GO with the Source 2 graphic engine or as it will now be known CS:GO 2.

“Today we are pleased to announce Counter-Strike 2. Counter-Strike 2 is an overhaul of every system, every piece of content, and every part of the CS experience. First, let’s talk about the smoke grenades” writes the official account of the shooter.

Official trailer of CS:GO 2 | counter strike 2

The publication of social networks is accompanied by a video where some details of the gameplay are already advanced. By having a new physics system, the smoke will completely change in the game.

Now, it will not be a mace that blocks the vision of the agent and will dissipate over time, but will have interaction with other elements of the environment. Either at the time of deployment or when a grenade explodes inside the smoke.

As you can see in the video, the bullets dissipate some of the smoke and you can see through it. This will completely change the use of smokes in competitive matches.


When will CS:GO 2 be released?

Counter-Strike 2 will arrive only in mid-2023. Valve hasn’t set a specific release date yet, but no development delays are expected.

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