Corsair announces a flexible gaming monitor that can be used as a curved or flat screen


When it comes to gaming monitors, form factor is almost as important as size or resolution. Many users prefer curved monitors for their greater immersion, while others do not want to know anything about them, preferring the traditional flat surface, less prone to distortions when editing texts, photos and videos. But… what if we could change the monitor depending on the use we wanted to give it?

Corsair has taken this seemingly wacky idea and turned it into a commercial product with the new Xeneon Flex OLEDthe first flexible gaming monitor.

Based on an LG W-OLED panel very similar to the one that the South Korean manufacturer showed in prototype phase in early 2021 (but devoid of any engine), this 45-inch gaming monitor can acquire the curve that the user wants (up to 800R) by simply pulling the handles located on the back, being able to switch between flat and curved as desired. Unfortunately Corsair does not state in its press release how many times it can be safely bent during its useful life.

Flexibility aside, we are faced with a monitor with quite interesting features. The Xeneon Flex OLED has a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels and a 21:9 format, increasing lateral visibility in first-person games compared to the typical 16:9, also offering the benefits of organic panels, with a contrast out of typical, a G2G response time of only 0.03 ms (full transition from on to off in 0.01 ms) and G-Sync and FreeSync Premium variable refresh rate up to 240 Hz. Peak brightness is 1,000 nits.

As an interesting detail, Corsair ensures in its statement that the Xeneon Flex has burn prevention technology to preserve image quality despite the years.

Corsair has not provided a price or a release date for now, simply saying that the final specifications and the rest of the details related to its marketing will be provided in the remainder of the year. Until then, press and fans will be able to see it in person during Gamescom 2022, although some youtubers have already had the opportunity to take a first look at it.

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