Coroner Reveals Cause of Death of Gangsta’s Paradise Rapper Coolio

() — The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner revealed the results of Coolio’s autopsy more than six months after the “Fantastic Voyage” rapper was found unresponsive in a Los Angeles home.

The report lists the effects of fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine as the cause of death. Coolio died at age 59 in September.

Other “significant conditions” listed in the report include “unspecified cardiomyopathy, asthma, and recent use of phencyclidine.”

Seven years ago, Coolio spoke with radio host Sway on his show “Sway in the Morning” about fighting cocaine addiction.

“My nemesis was cocaine,” Coolio said. “I used to do coke in the 80s and stopped doing it for 12 years. And then I started again.”

In 2009, Coolio pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and agreed to enter an 18-month rehabilitation program.

“Gangsta’s Paradise,” from the “Dangerous Minds” movie soundtrack, was one of Coolio’s hits. He won a Grammy in 1996 for the song.

“It’s one of those kinds of songs that transcends generations,” said in a 2022 interview. “I didn’t use any buzzwords… I think it made it timeless.”

Throughout his career, Coolio has sold more than 17 million records, according to his website.

He also appeared on various TV shows like “Celebrity Cook Off” and “Celebrity Chopped”.

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