Cool your home without waiting: portable air conditioners at a bargain price on Prime Day

The best Prime Day 2023 deals

The summer of 2023 promises to be the hottest in history, and the problem is growing, so sometimes quick solutions are required.

Content updated on July 11 at 5:45 p.m. to add two new top-selling models during Prime Day, one from Midea and one from Comfee.

Global temperatures do not stop rising year after year and even day after day, breaking all kinds of records that are falling like dominoes. Faced with this problem, the only thing left to do is adapt, and in many areas adaptation involves having an air conditioner at home.

There are several types, but those that offer an immediate solution and without installation are the portable models, also known as penguinswhich have also entered Amazon Prime Day with many price discounts that is celebrated these days.

There are several top brands in the home appliance sector that sell their models much cheaper than usual, something surprising if we take into account that demand must be skyrocketing.

The best Prime Day 2023 deals

We compile the best offers, discounts and bargains that we can find during Prime Day, especially in technological products of all kinds.

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Obviously, these portable air conditioners are less efficient than split ones, since there is some loss of temperature in the extractor tube, and they are noisier, but you will not have to wait weeks for the installer to go through each one.

There are them right now for less than 300 euros and with more than 2,000 refrigerators, more than enough to cool your living room or bedroom well.

  1. Olimpia Splendid 02265 of 2,000 frigories for €199
  2. Midea MPPDZ of 3,000 refrigerators for €379
  3. Comfee MMPH of 1,800 frigories for €212
  4. Haverland Iglu-9 of 2,250 frigories for €254
  5. De’Longhi PACEM 77 of 2,250 refrigerators for €419
  6. De’Longhi PACEL112 of 2,750 frigories for €924

Olimpia Splendid 02265 for €199

Olympia Splendid 02265

Olympia Splendid 02265

Within the Amazon catalog, this is one of the best-selling models for a few years, among others from Olimpia. It is quite economical, and that it cools a lot thanks to its 2,000 frigories.

It does not have a water tank, so you are going to have to use the hose drainage, something that on the other hand is usually quite common.

It doesn’t have a heat pump either, although for what it costs right now you can’t fault it either, since it barely exceeds the 200 euros.

The good news, apart from how little it costs, is that it has an A energy certification, so it consumes relatively little.

Midea MPPDZ for €379


Midea MPPDZ of 3,000 refrigerators for €379

This portable air conditioner model has become one of the best sellers on Amazon Prime Day, and it is not at all surprising.

The reason? It’s very simple: from 3,000 frigories it is the cheapest of all, since most stay closer to 2,000.

For only 379 euro It has the capacity to cool a couple of fairly large rooms in a sustained and fast way, something that few penguin-type models can do.

It comes with its window kit so that the installation (which is minimal) can be done by yourself in a few minutes.

Comfee MPPH for €212

Comfee air conditioning

Comfee MPPH of 1,800 frigories for €212

This other penguin is one of those that have also been among the best-selling products, in its case due to the price, which slightly exceeds the 200 eurosalthough it is much less powerful than the aforementioned Midea model.

It is ideal for bedrooms and rooms, since its 1,800 BF may not be enough for larger rooms, but if, for example, you already have another air conditioner at home but it does not reach a room, it is a good alternative.

Haverland Iglu-9 for €254

Haverland Iglu-9

Haverland Iglu-9

With two configurable powers, depending on what you need, this portable air conditioner is suitable for rooms of up to 20 square meters, and it is also low consumption.

Not only does it come with the extractor tube, but it also includes a window coupling kit, valued at approximately 15-20 euros and usually has to be purchased separately.

That makes its price much more competitive if possible, and that the 254 euros which reflects right now they are already quite good.

De’Longhi PACEM 77 for €419

De'Longhi PACEM 77

With wheels for easy handling, 2,250 frigories and silent operation, this model is from a prestigious brand at a more or less affordable price.


Going up a step in terms of price and quality, this De’Longhi model is in the upper-middle range, and this is even noticeable in the design, less clone-like than other low-cost options.

2,250 frigories are enough to keep one or even two rooms well refrigerated, and it is also low consumption.

The discount that Amazon applies now is not bad, because of the 590 euros that it usually costs, it has temporarily dropped to only 419 euro.

De’Longhi PACEL112 for €924

De'Longhi Penguin PACEL112

De’Longhi Pacel 112

Normally penguin type air conditioners are white, but this one from De’Longhi is black, a purely aesthetic matter that for many people is quite important.

Beyond its appearance, it should be noted that it has 2,750 frigoriesso it is one of the most powerful in its class, and it has technologies that make air circulation better than usual, maximizing results.

Like practically all models, it has a fan and dehumidifier function

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