Confidence in Mexico is as strong as ever: Citigroup

Confidence in Mexico is as strong as ever: Citigroup

“In Mexico, the sale process of our consumer banking and corporate banking businesses has progressed very well, generating great interest. At all times we have proceeded with care, keeping our customers in mind, and maintaining close communication with regulators and authorities Fraser said in a recorded message from New York.

The board of directors highlighted that it has been a privilege for the bank to be part of the history of Banco Nacional de México (Banamex). “We will take care that whoever stays with the bank understands and continues his great legacy,” he said.

Jane Fraser said that as soon as it is determined who will be the buyer of the bank, it will be made public.

“Citi is not leaving the country, our confidence in the future of Mexico is as solid as ever. Mexico is a very important market for us, Citi remains fully committed to promoting the growth and development of Mexico, investing and operating its banking businesses corporate and investment and private banking,” he added.

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