Company puts ads in American Truck Simulator looking for truckers

Recruitment announcement in American Truck Simulator

Career paths are very strange, tangled and confusing nowadays. The talent and skills in a discipline can lead you to work in what you least imagined and currently that could happen even being an expert in a video game as in the recent case of American Truck Simulator.

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Be an expert in American Truck Simulator can guarantee a job in the trucking sector

Those who for generations said that playing video games would not leave anything good today were ridiculed because it is not only possible to dedicate themselves professionally to gaming and related activities, it is also possible to get a job for it. It just so happens that the US-based freight and logistics company Schneider National had the idea of ​​recruiting staff by placing ads on American Truck Simulatora trucker simulator that has gained success and recognition since its launch in 2016.

The reason? According to Schneider National (via Axios) is that workers who have passed their training program as truckers with excellent and above-average grades report having played American Truck Simulatorso the game introduced them to the basics of driving and principles necessary to operate cargo vehicles.

Recruitment announcement in American Truck Simulator

In this regard, Kara Leiterman, Schneider’s media relations manager stated: “We think that people who like the game might like the real thing and want to drive with us.” Hence, the company thought of including paid ads within the simulator to invite those interested in being professional truckers to bring their experience gained in a video game to real life and earn money for it.

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