Clashes with the Army leave four dead during protests against militia violence in the DRC

Clashes with the Army leave four dead during protests against militia violence in the DRC

Among the deceased are two soldiers, lynched by a crowd

June 16 (EUROPA PRESS) –

At least four people, including two soldiers, have died in the Congolese province of North Kivu, in the northeast of the country, during a series of altercations in the territory of Lubero within the framework of the increase in attacks by the militias of the Forces Democratic Allies to the population.

The ADF, affiliated with the Islamic State and one of the bloodiest guerrilla groups in Africa, has killed at least 120 people in a series of massacres committed in several towns in the territory over the last two weeks. Its citizens accuse the Congolese Army of having been completely unable to stop these attacks despite the fact that North Kivu has been under a state of emergency since May 2021, presumably to facilitate the work of the military.

The two Congolese soldiers were lynched to death by a group of people in the early hours of Saturday, who ended up setting fire to the truck on which they were perched to defend themselves from the crowd. The soldiers were returning from the town of Kambau, where the Congolese Army has its rear guard, and ended up attacked in the town of Nziapanda.

After this incident, the population of Nziapanda began to set up barricades while Army units arrived to try to reestablish order. The protesters argued that these barricades were improvised checkpoints precisely to defend themselves against possible attacks by the militias.

The Army began firing shots into the air to eliminate these “checkpoints”, which led to a new confrontation that left two dead: a civilian, supposedly shot by soldiers, and an agent of the Congolese Intelligence services, also lynched by people, when they tried to record the hostilities, according to local official Julio Mbanga to the Actualité portal.

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