claims to have killed 600 soldiers but the Ukrainian Army denies it

Crater in front of a Ukrainian building

The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported the death of more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Kramatorskin the region of Donetsk. According to the Russian spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, it was a “retaliatory operation” in response to the attack by New Year of the Ukrainian army in the region of Makiivkain the east of the country.

The attack in Makiivka, also in Donetsk, is considered one of the largest attacks received by Russia. Such was the caliber that Putin’s forces were forced to publicly confirm the death of his troops. Despite having appraised at 89 the casualtiesUkraine raises the amount to at least 400 deaths.

The spokesman for ukrainian armySerhiy Cherevaty, in an interview with the BBC, has denied the Russian statements and has classified them as “another case of Russian propaganda”.

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The counterattack has been directed against a temporary deployment point of the ukrainian army in Kramatorsk, specifically against two bedrooms in one of the provisional barracks that were hit by “a massive missile attack”. Despite the size of the artillery used, no buildings were destroyed and no obvious signs of casualties were detected, as reported by Reuters. Something that contradicts the advertising launched by Russia announcing the murder of 600 Ukrainian soldiers.

Direct witnesses have stated that the buildings allegedly attacked show no signs of having been assaulted by missiles. In fact, they claim that there were no signs evident that they had been inhabited by soldiers, either corpses no traces of blood. Some broken windows have only been reported in shelter No. 47, close to a patio with a large crater.

The other building named after the Russian Defense Ministry, Hostel No. 28, was completely intact. A crater it lay about 50 meters closer to some garages. Kyiv authorities have not commented on the attack or the alleged 600 victims. The mayor of Kramatorsk earlier said there were no casualties.

Crater in front of a Ukrainian building

If true, it would be the biggest loss of Ukrainian troops since Russia invaded on February 24 last year. Pavlo Kyrylenko, the Ukrainian governor of Donetsk, previously said that Russia had launched seven missile attacks on Kramatorsk. Y Oleksandr Honcharenkothe mayor of Kramatorsk, said today that the attack damaged two educational facilities and eight apartment buildings and garages, but that there were no victims.

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