Chronicle: How can a mite generate so much innovation?

Chronicle: How can a mite generate so much innovation?

“I see innovation as solving problems, I speak of everyday things that must be attended to. It’s a journey where Dyson isn’t afraid to take a different tack with his products. You think of today’s phones and they’re just bigger. But between our devices there are substantial differences for each type of use”, says Toogood.

Dyson, a distant place, but surprising

To see these processes first-hand, Expansión visited the company’s laboratories in Malmesbury, England. Getting there takes time. From London airport it takes a couple of hours to travel by car. Although the journey can be tedious after 10 hours on a plane, the fields that look like green carpets make the journey more bearable.

When you get there, the first thing that catches your eye is not the building with the concave roof that gives the sensation of a wave, but a WWII Harrier fighter plane parked outside the office, something that is also replicated inside one of the company’s central cafeterias.

And it is that to manufacture these hulks, the engineers of the time did not stop to think about how to optimize their resources to create slimmer designs, which does happen with Dyson devices. From its vacuum cleaners to its lamps, the premise of “doing more with less” predominates in this company.

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