Christopher Nolan does not have a cell phone, does not use email and writes his scripts on a PC without Internet access

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In a recent interview, Nolan revealed that he doesn’t use a cell phone and prefers to write his scripts on a computer that isn’t connected to the Internet.

Christopher Nolan is an acclaimed British director and screenwriter renowned in the film industry for his distinctive and passionate approach to staying away from CGI special effects, choosing instead to capture all the action on camera.

However, his resistance to technology is not limited to his work on the big screen, since, in a exclusive interview With The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan revealed the reasons behind his refusal to use smartphones in his work and personal life.

Mobile phones are a distraction that affects creativity, according to Nolan

Christopher Nolan’s aversion to mobile phones and modern technology is a very conscious choice. The director claims that his decision is driven by his quest to maintain a creative focus, and acknowledges that the constant distraction offered by these devices could negatively affect his work and screenwriting.

Nolan, 52, confessed to being easily distracted and stressed that having access to the Internet at all times is not beneficial for his creativity. Prefers to use seemingly inactive moments to reflect and generate ideassomething that people usually fill with activities on social networks.

“It’s all about the level of distraction. If I’m generating my stuff and writing my own scripts, being on a mobile all day wouldn’t be very useful for me. I really don’t want to have access to the Internet every time I’m bored. I do a lot of my best thinking in those kinds of moments in between that people now fill with online activity.”

The director’s position “Dunkirk” on technology goes beyond the use of mobile phones. For example, the computer on which he writes his scripts is not connected to the Internet, which reinforces his preference for privacy, but above all for digital disconnection in his work life.

Likewise, Nolan prefers to personally deliver his scripts to the actors rather than email them. This choice allows you to test ideas, be more adventurous in your creative approach, and gain a closer human connection with your team..

What he does is not an attempt to keep secrets, but rather a search for a space where he can experiment and receive feedback in a more authentic way. His next film, Oppenheimer, promises to be another achievement that is sure to captivate audiences with his unique storytelling ability.

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