China says goodbye to the ‘zero covid’ policy and reopens its borders to foreigners

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Jan 8, 2023 06:59 GMT

Anyone who wants to travel to the Asian giant will have to take a PCR test within 48 hours prior to departure.

With two weeks to go before the Lunar New Year festivities, China takes another step in dismantling its strict ‘zero covid’ policysince as of this Sunday international passengers arriving in the country will not have to go through a quarantine.

Now anyone who wants to reach the Asian giant will have to take a PCR test in the 48 hours prior to departure, without the need to request a health code at the country’s diplomatic missions, reports the state channel CGTN. In addition to the full reopening of airports for international flights, some border control points.

China thus becomes the latest country to lift pandemic restrictions border crossings, more than a year after countries like Singapore, Australia and New Zealand resumed international travel without confinement, recalls Bloomberg.

The relaxation of anti-covid measures, which began at the beginning of December, continues, despite the fact that the nation faces an exponential rise in deaths and hospitalizations from coronavirus in large cities, compared to the numbers that were counted during the early stages of the fight against the disease.

travel rush

the first travelers they have already landed at the Guangdong and Shenzhen city airports, customs authorities reported. There are 387 passengers from Toronto (Canada) and Singapore.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that a large part of the initial inflow will come from the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Many representatives of the Chinese diaspora around the world will use the city as a stopover, due to the limited number of flights connecting mainland Chinese cities with the rest of the world.

To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the figures, it should be noted that only for this Saturday they were programmed within China about 6.3 million trips by the national rail network. More than 10,000 flights were also planned, while the daily passenger volume should exceed one million, the newspaper details. Global Times.

For his part, Xu Chengguang, an official from China’s Ministry of Transportation, reported on Friday that the number of trips by car, plane and train could reach at 70.3% of pre-pandemic levels registered in 2019.

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Other changes and restrictions for Chinese travelers

Meanwhile, as part of the health policy shift, China will no longer impose criminal charges against people accused of violating border quarantine regulations, according to a notice published by five government departments, collects PA. The detained individuals will be released along with their seized property.

Meanwhile, governments of various countries around the world continue to require negative tests from Chinese travelers. From Beijing they cross out these restrictions as measures “unacceptable” with no scientific basis. They also promised to respond with unspecified countermeasures.

On the other hand, the authorities of the Asian giant rejected the accusations of the World Health Organization (WHO) about the lack of transparency in relation to the number of cases, deaths and other information on the spread of covid-19.

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