China accuses the US of misinforming about sending arms to Russia while it is the biggest distributor of the war

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27 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

China has criticized this Monday the “absolute hypocrisy” of the United States, which at the same time that it allocates weapons to the conflict in Ukraine, “thus prolonging the fighting and making peace difficult to achieve”, spreads “false information” about the alleged supply of arms to Russia by the Asian country.

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning, recalled that it has been the United States that until now has delivered military aid to Ukraine worth more than 32,000 million dollars (30,000 million euros), while China has promoted talks of peace and a political solution to the war, which is now one year old.

“The United States has been fanning the flame and fueling the fight with more weapons…it has been supplying weapons to one side of the conflict, thus prolonging the fighting and making peace elusive, while spreading false information that China would supply Russia with weapons,” the spokeswoman said.

“This is pure hegemonism, double standards and absolute hypocrisy,” Mao denounced, at a press conference held this Monday in Beijing, from which he also criticized Washington’s recent sanctions on Chinese companies.

“Who is promoting peace and de-escalation, and who is fueling the tension and making the world more unstable? The answer is quite obvious,” Mao said in response to the doubts that the United States has been sowing in recent weeks. about the possibility of China ending up supplying Russia with weapons.

“We call on the United States to reflect on its behavior, consider what is good for the world and do something that really helps to calm the situation,” he said.

“The United States must also stop spreading disinformation and withdraw sanctions on Chinese companies,” claimed the Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, who in turn made it clear that Beijing will implement “countermeasures” to safeguard “legitimate rights and interests.” of companies in your country.

Given the possibility of a meeting between the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, as has been speculated, the spokeswoman has settled the issue stressing that China’s position is well known and that it is based in peace talks. “We have maintained communication with all parties involved, including Ukraine,” she said.

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