China accuses the US of committing acts of “technological terrorism” for trying to prevent the manufacture of chips

China accuses the US of committing acts of "technological terrorism" for trying to prevent the manufacture of chips

July 6. (EUROPA PRESS) –

Chinese authorities have accused the United States government of engaging in acts of “technological terrorism” after Washington pressured ASML Holding NV and Nikon Corporation to stop selling “key” technology to Chinese companies for the manufacture of chips.

In what represents one of the most forceful criticisms by Beijing on this matter, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, has attacked Washington after the Bloomberg agency published a series of information that pointed to the United States it would be “pressuring” its allies to prevent this type of transaction.

“This is yet another example of the US practice of coercive diplomacy by abusing state power and exercising technological hegemony. It is classic technological terrorism,” Zhao said at a press briefing, according to a ministry statement.

Thus, he pointed out that this “will only serve to remind all countries of the risks of technological dependence on the United States and will encourage them to become independent and self-sufficient at a faster rate.”

The proposed restriction would extend an existing moratorium on the sale of the most advanced systems to China in a bid to thwart the Asian giant’s plans to become a world leader in chip production.

US authorities are pressuring their Dutch counterparts to stop ASML from selling off some of its older systems, according to people familiar with the matter. Washington is also trying to put pressure on Japan to stop shipping this same technology to Chinese chipmakers.

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