Chile stood out in the medal table of the Copa Cervezas de América 2022 and Nothus brewery was crowned the best beer in the world

Chile stood out in the medal table of the Copa Cervezas de América 2022 and Nothus brewery was crowned the best beer in the world

On Saturday, October 29, in Valdivia, the prized gold, silver and bronze winners of the 2022 Copa Cervezas de América Grand Final were announced. In total, prizes were awarded to 51 styles, with 127 medals.

Lorenzo Palma, Science in Chile.- The beer world was partying all week, since the Beer Week was held in Valdivia and it concluded with the Grand Final Copa Cervezas de América.

A competition that invites you to get to know the beer world, provides knowledge and generates meeting spaces, is the Copa Cervezas de América, which in its IX version brought together 1,720 registered beers, awarding a total of 287 medals, adding the national and international phases. 319 registered breweries, with 166 styles in competition.

In the grand finale, 51 styles were awarded with 127 medals, 35 gold, 49 silver and 43 bronze. Although Chile stood out in participation, it obtained second place in the number of medals obtained, with 39 of them, Brazil was awarded a total of 43 medals, Argentina 18, Mexico 9, Peru 5, Panama, Costa Rica, USA, , each with 3 podiums, and Colombia achieved two award-winning beers, while Ecuador and Paraguay achieved 1 medal each country.

LPM 7249 copiaAll the applause went to the Nothus Brewing Company team, from Valdivia, for achieving three gold medals and one bronze medal and obtaining the title of “The Best Beer in the World 2022”.

The director judge of the Copa Cervezas de América, Ignacio Campos, highlighted the good level of the cup and the participants. “I am very impressed by the quality of the beer, I can assure you that there is not a single winner that does not have a world class beer. The international judges, from all over the world, could not believe that classic styles such as the Californian were Chilean and not the Californian, the comment was that these beers were better than those that set the style. There really is a very good quality of beer here,” said Campos, a judge with more than 40 events as a jury.

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Daniel Trivelli.

Daniel Trivelli, president of the Copa Cervezas de América, gave a general evaluation of the event. “What we saw during Los Ríos Brewery Week and throughout this Cup journey was incredible. We had a real marathon judging all the shows and we were very happy with the level we found. We also had rich moments of exchange with various classes, business conferences and lots of good beer. I see that we can contribute to the legacy of Valdivia and to the strengthening of the Latin American market”, said Daniel.

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC) of the Regional Government of Los Ríos and its Regional Council and has the support of Hop France, Fermentis and Maltexco.

For the Regional Government of Los Ríos, this activity was very important, since it materializes the work carried out for years, where the efforts of the academy, the breweries, and the Regional Government and the various public and private institutions are linked, today they are working for the beer ecosystem to move forward.

“There is a very challenging roadmap going forward, there are things to do in entrepreneurship, in regulations, in infrastructure, in investment, there are many challenges, but despite that, in this region we are making quality beer. We want to thank the brewers from Los Ríos, Chile and the world who gave life to this cup, the academics and the organization. We are going to continue supporting this industry, which is no longer an emerging industry and which today has all the capabilities to move forward”, said Luis Cuvertino, Governor of the Los Ríos Region.

Nothus Brewery

As the best beer in the world 2022, the Valdivian production Nothus was crowned. The name of Nothus, explains Bastián Araya, arises when he was in Patagonia, in Torres del Paine, surrounded by coigües, lengas and nothofagus-type trees. Among the best known are the oak, lengas and rauíles. Bastián named the brewery Nothus, in tribute to these trees that captivated his gaze in the south of the country and that, inspired by them, decided to make beers as captivating as the native forests themselves. On his website they say “Nothus is a tribute to the evergreen forests that filter the water with which we make fresh and natural beer.”

“We are very happy for the achievement obtained, many years of work and a tremendous team, where each one puts the greatest effort to prepare the recipes, to sell,” Bastián Araya said after learning of the medal.

The founder of Nothus anticipates that important projects are coming for the brewery, since his plan is to build a beer bar in its current location in Valdivia, on Calle Santa María #686, just an 8-minute walk from the city center.

It should be remembered that, on the national stage, Nothus won a silver medal with its Magnitude 9.5 beer and bronze with Amanita RED. In addition, another five beers from its preparation qualified for the Grand Final.

Brazil Winners

In the case of Brazil, Saison Pitaya, from the Paraná brewery Água do Monge, was chosen the best beer of the year, and Königs Bier, from Santa Catarina, is the best Brazilian brewery and the second best in this edition of the World Cup . Diego Masiero, creator of the production company Matinê Cervejeira and member of the organizing team of the Copa Cervezas de América 2022, positively valued the Brazilian presence in the competition. “Brazil can assume a leading role in the Latin American beer scene, we are a power and we show constant evolution, even after the hard period we went through during the pandemic. I am glad to see breweries from various regions awarding medals”, Diego summarizes.

See the list of winners here

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