ChatGPT is already causing layoffs despite warnings against Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

Could ChatGPT, AlphaCode or Copilot replace humans?

With the arrival of ChatGPT in November last year and its stable version at the beginning of February 2023, it is undeniable that this OpenAI chatbot is giving a lot to talk about and it occupies big headlines in the media like the one we are dealing with today.

And it is that, after his arrival, one of the big questions that has haunted the minds of many is whether the artificial intelligence will one day be able to replace us in our jobs. ChatGPT seems to have opened the season so that more and more people have this possibility in mind.

And it is that, this chatbot of Publicly accessible artificial intelligence has many capabilities, including the ability to answer questions, create content, write code, and more, and a recent study by ResumeBuilder found surveyed 1,000 US business leaders to see how many companies currently use or plan to use ChatGPT.

The result, roughly speaking, is that approximately half of their companies have implemented chatbots and almost half of this group says that ChatGPT has already dispensed with employees in its companies.

A survey reveals that 49% of their companies already use ChatGPT and have replaced employees

At present and according to this survey, 49% of participating companies say they are using ChatGPT93% of whom say they plan to expand their use of the chatbot.

Of companies currently using ChatGPT, 66% use it to write code, while 58% use it for copywriting or content creation, 57% for customer support, and 52% for creating meeting recaps or documents.

On the other hand, the vast majority of companies also use this chatbot to facilitate hiring, using it to write job descriptions, to write interview requests or answer those who apply for the position.

“When asked if ChatGPT will cause any workers to be laid off by the end of 2023, 33% of business leaders answered ‘definitely’, while 26% answered ‘probably'”they explain.

It cannot be denied that, since the birth of ChatGPT, most companies are impressed with its work or have at least kept track of how it works by studying its pros and cons.

However, here we find a big problem and that is that ChatGPT, for the moment and despite its great efficiency, is far from perfect. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has already warned for the first time that ChatGPT should not be trusted to “nothing important” and, in a series of tweets, recently expressed concern about the dangers posed by this AI-based technology.

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