Cetes Directo is experiencing a boom thanks to inflation

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The Cetes boom

The success of this platform is worth mentioning: it currently has 1.58 million contracts and manages more than 96,000 million pesos in investment amounts, data from Cetes Directo indicates.

Only 36% of investors are women and the remaining 64% are men. It should be noted that this gap is decreasing, although at a slow pace, since 10 years ago women represented 26% of investors.

And the amount of administration had a spectacular increase in just 3 years: for example, in 2021, that is, before the inflationary spike began, Cetes Directo managed 29.6 billion pesos (mdp), and by 2023, the amount is in 96,000 million pesos, that is, it has more than tripled.

What is a Cete?

According to information from the Ministry of Finance and Banxico, the name Cete comes from Treasury Certificate, which is a government debt instrument that was created in 1978 and is intended to raise short-term funds.

The Cete has a face value of 10 pesos.

They are ideal for those who want to start investing and for those who are putting together an investment portfolio, since they are instruments with very low risk, since they are guaranteed by the federal government.

Another advantage is that they are short-term options and help you maintain the value of money over time.

What is Direct Cetes?

It is a platform for anyone to invest in government securities without the intermediation of banks or brokerage firms.

With it, people can have access to the titles and rates issued by the Bank of Mexico.

Among the most relevant characteristics we can mention that it was created by the Ministry of Finance and is currently operated by Nacional Financiera, which is a development bank.

José Gerardo Ballesteros is the current director of Cetes Directo. Ballesteros has a degree in Systems and Information Technology from the Universidad Iberoamericana and before coming to Nafin, he worked at Banjército.

How much can I invest in Cetes Directo?

Cetes Directo lets you make investments with a minimum of 100 pesos and you can not only do so in Cetes, as there are also several alternatives.

That is, if you want to invest in government securities, you can buy cetes, bonds, bondes and udibonos.

You can also enter investment funds made up of bonddia and Enerfin. Or acquire IPAB Bonds

So before choosing where you will invest your money, it is important to compare the rates of return they offer.

Now, to do so, you only need to open your account at and have a bank account so that the transfers can be made from there.

In this process you will be asked to be over 18 years of age and your CURP

Remember that you do not pay commissions, you operate from your online account and there are no penalties or costs for transactions when investing or withdrawing your money.

It is safe?

At the beginning of last June, CetesDirecto presented flaws that prevented users from accessing their account.

This generated nervousness among people for the safety of their money, however, the authority reported hours later on its social networks that the service had already been resolved, and that it was due to internal operational failures and not a hack.

The authority made a clarification that should be highlighted and it was that the investments in Cetes Directo are NOT cash resources, but government securities, so the client’s resources are protected and in custody.

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