Candidate for mayor of Antioquia will open Onlyfans to finance himself

Candidate for mayor of Antioquia will open Onlyfans to finance himself

He October 29 are the regional elections at the national level and the candidates for the contest are already being prepared.

Cristian Mestra Jaramillo’s campaign has drawn attention, after he announced that he is going to finance himself by opening an OnlyFans profilewhich is a platform that manages exclusive content from the creadirs, including erotic and sexual, and in which resources and income are obtained from the users registered to the profiles.

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As he said candidate for the Valie Movementbeforesa the Mayor of Turbo (Antioquia), “Together with my work team we decided to create an Onlyfans so that they can subscribe and through it they can contribute to finance the different activities of the campaign”.

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In addition, he assured that: “It does not require amounts of money, because it will advance an austere campaign.” This announcement has aroused different comments on social networks.

In dialogue with the newspaper EL TIEMPO, Mestra He stated that he is looking for a candyindependent idature“I wanted to do this in such a way that it is a collective contribution, that citizens feel that the campaign is theirs.”

So, the expectations of the candidate’s team is to reach 1,000 subscribers who can contribute a dollar a month (around 4,200 pesos each, that is, 4.2 million pesos a month).

Now, about the type of content that would be published, Mestra assured that yes there will be nudes, but they will also find artistic content.

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Christian Mestra has an MBA from Eafit Universityhas worked as Secretary of Finance for the municipality of Turbo and in 2020 some of his relatives were involved in alleged corruption cases.


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