Call for financing of innovative MSMEs closes

Call for financing of innovative MSMEs closes

A total of 80 companies signed up for the ‘Innovative MiPymes’ call, a project promoted by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, through the District Secretariat for Economic Development (SDDE), the District Agency for Higher Education, Science and Technology (Athena) and the District University, to provide strengthening, financing and connection services to entrepreneurs in the capital with an investment of $1,412 million.

(Technological solutions to promote small and medium-sized companies).

On June 5, the preliminary results of the MiPymes that meet the requirements and that will advance to the first phase of the call will be published. in which 30 companies will be selected to access innovation plans, expert support, knowledge transfer, as well as financing to improve their products/services and position them in the market.

In the second phase of the call, 18 of the 30 companies in phase 1 will be selected. Each one will benefit from an investment of up to $20 million to improve their product or service. In the third phase, 10 companies will be selected, which will be able to access a financing mechanism for a value of up to $15 million pesos, in two intervention routes: 5 companies for the commercial strengthening route and 5 companies for the financing route.

(In eight years, 15% of MSMEs increased their size).

“We are very proud to see the response of entrepreneurs from all locations in our city by showing their interest in incorporating innovation processes to enhance their products and services. Bogotá is always looking for the best opportunities to support them so that together we can create a business ecosystem solid and innovative said the director of the Atenea Agency, José María Roldán Restrepo.

Barrios Unidos and Suba, with 11 MiPymes registered in each one, were the locations with the most companies registered in this call that seeks to strengthen the business ecosystem of Bogotá through science, innovation and technology. Engativá (9), Usaquén (9), Chapinero (8), Teusaquillo (7), Kennedy (6), Fontibón (4), Puente Aranda (4), Santa Fe (3), Bosa (2), Ciudad Bolívar ( 2), San Cristóbal (2), Antonio Nariño (1) and Usme (1), They completed the map of registered companies.

(The Federation of Chambers of Commerce proposes a plan for MSMEs).

As for the productive sectors with the most applications, the manufacturing industry (which manufactures food, textiles, tanneries, timber, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals, computer and electronic products; machinery, automobiles, transport equipment and furniture) received 23 entries. And the professional, scientific and technical activities, among which are legal, administrative, architecture and engineering, advertising, among others, with 19 records were the most outstanding.

To consult more details of the program and the dates of the following phases of the call, you can enter the website of the Athena Agency


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