Businesses forced to change strategies for digital natives

Businesses forced to change strategies for digital natives

He tourism It is one of the sectors that generates more movement in the middle of each year; However, 2023 has not been an easy year, this due to factors such as the economy and the air crisis.

Thousands of users affected by unfulfilled services reduced air mobilization by one million passengers, according to Cotelco. Furthermore, according to the Dane, This has implied a rise of more than 29% in the value of the tickets.

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For this reason, it is important that for the holiday season establishments see unified commerce and digital means of payment as the anchor to attract customers. Today there is greater confidence in online purchases and in digital means of payment; the entry of digital native consumers has fueled it. However, there are fears in both users and businesses to join this transformation. This is why private entities have worked hard to create initiatives that strengthen credibility and trust in digital channels.“, it states Leonardo Villamil, Napse partner in Colombia.

Therefore, the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce created the cyber mondaya space in which it seeks to generate confidence to the Colombian consumer to make purchases online and It planned to increase the sales of allied establishments by 20% at the end of June as a way of resisting this scourge.

What trading can do

napsean omnichannel IT solutions company that supports the retail sector in digital transformation, gave five recommendations so that the commercial sector can help reactivate tourism and use digital channels:

(4 out of 10 Colombians do not use digital financial platforms).

1. Offer transaction security, ensure accessibility across multiple touch points, and provide 100% inventory visibility to customers across all channels. Create a superior customer experience through a complete unified approach, logistics, inventory and customer service for brands to establish themselves firmly in the retail market.

2. Put the customer at the heart of business and solve their needs. The challenge of achieving a unified strategy that integrates all the points of contact between the brand and the customers is key today.

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3. inform customersbecause with the digital transformation they become more demanding, they want to know the purchase details, so it is essential that brands find different ways to interact with the user.

4. Choose different means of payment and win a good shopping experience.

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5. A strategy of omnichannel It allows you to gain customer loyalty and capture the attention of new consumers. Provide flexibility to the consumer to be able to link the benefits of the online channel with those of the offline channel. Thus, if the consumer wants to see and touch the product, they can buy it online for some commercial benefit and pick it up in the physical store.


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