Bulgaria denounces an attempted attack against the attorney general

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The Bulgarian authorities have denounced on Monday an attempted attack against the country’s attorney general, Ivan Geshev, when he was traveling from the capital, Sofia, to the city of Samokov, in the south.

The Ministry of the Interior has indicated that when the prosecutor was preparing to leave, a bomb exploded in front of the convoy in which the prosecutor was traveling, although no victims or injuries have been reported.

Borislav Sarafov, from the investigation team of the Prosecutor’s Office, has assured that the objective was to “kill Geshev”. “The explosion caused a very loud noise, it was direct, it occurred at a specific point, when the cars were moving slowly,” he lamented.

Several witnesses have indicated that remains of materials have been found in the vicinity, according to information from the national television channel. Sources close to the matter have stated that it could be a remotely detonated device and have ruled out that it is a simple incident.

The highway in question has been closed by the Police, who have traveled to the area to investigate the case. The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Galab Donev, is expected to hold a meeting with senior government officials on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

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