Bogotá mayor’s office extreme measures for poor air quality

Bogotá mayor's office extreme measures for poor air quality

After declaring the Phase 1 Alert, due to to the high concentrations of particulate matter in Bogotáthe district administration calls on citizens to adopt voluntary and preventive measures that help mitigate pollution problems.

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After declaring the Phase 1 Alert, due to the high concentrations of particulate matter in Bogotá, the District Administration calls on citizens to adopt voluntary and preventive measures that help mitigate pollution problems.

This Saturday the high concentrations of particulate material are maintained in Bogotá, we have five stations in regular conditions (orange), Fontibón, Kennedy, Carvajal Sevillana, Tunal and Móvil seventh; The weather conditions are also maintained, an atmospheric stability that causes the particulate material to remain over the city, and we have seen increases in the regional fires that come, especially from Meta, Guaviare, Vichada and Casanare”, affirmed the secretary of the Environment, Carolina Urrutia.

The statement, which was issued last Friday, it was done responsibly for people’s healthdue to the concentration levels of particulate matter, as reported by some of the stations of the Air Quality Monitoring Network and as recorded by the Bogota Air Quality and Health Risk Index (Iboca). Forest fires in the departments of Meta, Vichada, Guaviare and Casanare, in addition to those coming from Venezuela, they continue to generate particles that are being carried by wind currents to Bogotá.

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The sum of the emissions of particulate matter from these fires is around 3,000 tons per day., while Bogotá produces 20 tons per day. Within the framework of this environmental alert, the District makes a call for co-responsibility and makes a series of recommendations for all the different sectors to implement and, jointly, with all citizens, to reduce concentrations and improve the conditions that we currently have in the city”, indicated the secretary of the Environment, Carolina Urrutia.

Precisely, in view of this situation, the District makes the following recommendations so that productive sectors and citizens adopt and implement over the next few days and reduce the possibility of having to adopt restrictive measures such as:

• Have them cargo vehicles in optimal conditionsespecially those who
They are 10 or more years old.

• If possible, carry out logistics routes (load and unload) in hours of
noon or midnight.

• Use the private vehicle in extremely necessary cases. If you use it, what
be shared.

• Provisionally suspendl the payment for circulation during peak and plate hours
(Peak and joint plate).

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Intensify follow-up operations and control to the mobile sources that operate
with diesel fuel.

Measures for the industrial sector

Reduce the operation of boilers and equipment that run on solid fuels
and liquids from Monday to Saturday between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm

• Intensify control actions byThe sources that operate with fuels
solid and liquid.

• No perform preventive maintenance of Control Systems of Emissions of
fixed sources in industrial establishments.

• District institutions will implement prevention measures that allow
reduce the risk in the general population, with emphasis on the vulnerable population.

Citizenship measures in general

scroll in public transport, bicycle or use the private vehicle with
higher occupation.

• To mobilize, use non-motorized alternative meanss (walk, bike, between
others) at those times of least impact on air quality.

• Use public transportation or carpool and keep up to date with
technical-mechanical review.

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Do not burn garbage or materials such as coal or wood, do not throw cigarette butts
cigarette on the ground, do not throw glass, bottles, rubbish or any type of material
fuel and do not use gunpowder.

• Intensify wet sweeping in unpaved areas.

Unions, cargo transporters and drivers of private vehicles

• Use the Mondoñedo – Chía highway to avoid entering Bogotá. Use padding path
Mondoñedo health service, to pass through Funza, Mosquera, Cota and Chía.

Construction and public works

• Cover construction materials and your construction and demolition waste
(RDC) during transport.

• Moisten the maneuver yards to avoid the resuspension of material.

• Optimize the use of yellow machinery and ensure that it operates in proper
maintenance conditions.

• Avoid exposure to areas of high air pollutionlike unpaved roads
and high vehicular flow, constructions and industrial areas or accumulation of
rubble or quarries.

• Clean the surfaces and floors of the house using damp cloths or rags
to avoid raising dust.
If you are near a source of smoke,
soot or particulate matter keep windows and doors closed.

• Avoid strenuous exercise or outdoor sports in high traffic hours
vehicular (between 6:00 am and 10:00 am – between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm).

• Avoid the consumption of tobacco and its derivatives or exposure to environments where
there are people smoking

• Using a bicycle on high-traffic roads implies higher inhalation doses of
contaminants, it is recommended to protect the respiratory tract with the use of
surgical masks, masks with respirators or similar.

• Update the vaccination scheme according to age, wear a mask when
have a respiratory infection, wash your hands frequently and avoid contact with
people with respiratory infections.

• Stay hydrated, drink water and avoid sugary or fizzy drinks.

• limit efforts and intense physical activity in the open air in children under 5 years of age,
over 60 years of age, pregnant women and people with diseases such as COPD
(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, diabetes, diseases
cardiovascular and cancer.

• People with chronic diseases should maintain the treatments
prescribed, attend controls and avoid exposing yourself to crowds

Go to the emergency department in these cases

• In children under 5 years: rapid breathing, “chest wheezing” or “sinking”
ribs” and persistent cough. a bout of fever in children under 2 months or in
children older than this age
consisting of fever that is difficult to control or that persists
for more than 2 days; listlessness, drowsiness or irritability. The child cannot drink
neither take the chest nor eat anything, vomit everything; have seizures or convulsions;
is getting worse or “doesn’t look good”.

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• In the general community: shortness of breath, unusual fatigue or chest pain.
Cough with purulent or bloody sputum
. decay or tiredness
excessive, as well as confusion or altered consciousness. Fever that is difficult to control
or that persists for more than 2 days.

The secretariats of Health, Mobility, Economic Development, Education and Social Integration, and the Institute of Risk Management and Climate Change (Idiger) will be carrying out the analyzes this weekend, from their powers, to evaluate the impact of the measures and determine if they are sufficient or should be extended in each of its sectors.

Likewise, the District, the National Government and the CAR will maintain the monitoring of the
air quality conditions and fires in the regionsthe main cause of the declaration in Bogotá.

The Ministry of the Environment will convene the Committee for the Validation and Monitoring of Alerts and Emergencies due to Atmospheric Pollution next Monday, February 27, to evaluate the air quality conditions, the mitigation measures necessary to protect the health of citizens and overcome this emergency. .


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