Bing’s AI can switch between conversation tones with a button

Bing's AI can switch between conversation tones with a button

Microsoft has added a new option to Bing to allow users to change the tone of the conversation we have with the company’s artificial intelligenceso that we can tailor it more specifically to what we really need from you, which will not always be the same for all users who use Bing Chat.

Specifically, the options available for Bing AI chat will be to be more creative, more balanced, or more accurate, where the first will give us original and imaginative answers, focused on entertainment, while the last option will allow us to have concise, precise and relevant answers.

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The intermediate option, as its name indicates, provides us with a balance between both extreme options, counting on reasonable and coherent answers that balance precision and creativity in any conversation we have with this artificial intelligence.

In principle, as part of the latest updates, it has also been reduced the number of hallucinations from artificial intelligencewhile on the other hand, about 90 percent of users should have already received access to this latest version of Bing chat with the conversation tone selection buttons.

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