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The reversal of character roles in video games and other media is almost always received very poorly by fans. Just a few moments ago it was announced that Henry Cavill will no longer be Geralt of Rivia in the live-action series produced by Netflix and, following the rule, fans are so angry that they prefer that the series be canceled.

When you audition to give the role of a character to another actor in a novel, television series or other works, it can be unforgettable for a project. Although in the series The Witcher everything came to good terms, the truth is that the community did not take it in the best way.

As soon as the news was released that Liam Hemsworth will be responsible from Season 4 of the project to bring Geralt of Rivia to life and thus replace the British actor Henry Cavill, the name of these actors and that of the production they trended.

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On Twitter and Facebook the immediate response was surprise and rejection of the change, something that is natural, since, although no one doubts that the Australian actor will play a good role as the witcher, Henry Cavill was in charge of personifying him from the beginning and He won the hearts of the community to such an extent that they made mods for him to take him to video games and made the series one of the most important in recent history. That said, then, many refuse to see the character played by someone else.

In fact, the rejection of some is so great that they even mention that the best of the series is gone and that it no longer makes sense to continue watching it. Some joked that due to the negative feedback Netflix would cancel the newly confirmed Season 4 and others more seriously asked that they better cancel it.

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Why Henry Cavil will leave The Witcher? Is Netflix to blame?

Something to take into account is that, although many are pointing to Netflix as responsible for this decision, perhaps this time they are not to blame.

So far the reasons for this decision are unknown. Neither Netflix nor Henry Cavill revealed why Geralt of Rivia will change actors. However, it seems difficult for Netflix to decide to replace the European actor seeing the great success of the 2 seasons of the series already available and the third, which is already in production.

It is likely that Cavill was the one who decided to leave the role of the main character of the live-action show.

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A few days ago it was confirmed that Cavill will play Superman again in the DC cinematic universe, so that may be one of the reasons. It is not that the actor has lost interest in The Witcher or that he didn’t mind leaving this community. No, it’s just a decision Cavill had to make because he couldn’t accept both (not to mention neglect his hobbies of painting figures and playing video games).

On many occasions it is difficult to participate in several projects at the same time because the shooting times (or preparation for the role) coincide, so there is no other choice but to carry out new auditions.

Anyway, we will have to wait to check the results of this change of actors and see if Hemsworth’s performance manages to convince skeptical fans.

What do you think of the change of role of Geralt of Rivia? Tell us in the comments.

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