Bertín Osborne will be father and grandfather at the same time: his daughter Claudia, pregnant

Bertín Osborne will be father and grandfather at the same time: his daughter Claudia, pregnant

Claudia Osbornethe daughter of singer Bertín Osborne, she is expecting her second child with businessman José Entrecanales. The news has come to light after the news that Bertín himself will also be a father, but at 69 years of age.

Claudia is the third daughter that the presenter has also had with Sandra Domecq, Osborne’s ex-partner. The young woman married in October 2021 with the businessman’s son Jose Manuel Entrecanales, current president of Acciona. They both have a daughter together, Micaela, who was born last summer at the end of June.

“06/30/2022. The day that changed my life. The day I felt the greatest love that I have ever felt. Thank you life for giving it to me and thank you Micaela for choosing me ”, Claudia said the day her first daughter was born, who is now one year old, on her official Instagram account.

The couple who he lived for a while in australia now he has returned to the Peninsula and has announced the good news, according to the Vanitatis portal. The aforementioned medium indicates that they are expecting her second child, but they do not give more details about it.

The singer’s third daughter works as a coach and in September 2020 she published her book The best of you, a self-help publication. Besides, He has also collaborated on his father’s program as second interviewer. Her husband works as director of strategy and corporate development at her father’s subsidiary.

Entrecanales was transferred to the Australian capital of Melbourne and the family moved to the town. In June they returned to Spain again and now they are focused on the family. “This year I choose family, I choose to commit to my present and enjoy everything small. No regrets, no demands, no fomo (fear of missing out). This year I choose what my soul asks me, ”said Claudia in another publication.

The birth of Claudia’s second son and Bertín’s grandson could coincide with the birth of Osborne’s son with the model Gabriel Guillén and, therefore, Claudia’s stepbrother.

Bertín Osborne, father and grandfather

The Osborne family has left several news in recent days after learning that the presenter and singer will be a father at 69 years of age. Although, the artist himself has made it clear that the baby has not been “searched for, but an accident”, although he points out that “that does not mean that I am not going to assume my responsibilities as I have always done”. “I will try to help, I will be with the boy or girl and I will try that he does not lack anything. I will assume my responsibility with the baby when the time comes, ”said the singer after his future paternity came to light.

For now, Osborne’s daughters have not yet spoken about the singer’s news, but they have shown their support on social networks during this new stage that the artist will go through.

I am exhausted and I need to work because I have a son to support and he has me

Osborne returns to the media spotlight after finding out about his new paternity. He is not exempt from controversy, since the woman with whom the artist claims to have spent “almost a fantastic year”, apparently, has distanced himself in recent weeks.

I am exhausted and I need to work because I have a son to support and he has me”, Gabriela pronounced, dropping that her plans will be directed towards a solitary maternity. For his part, Bertín assures that there are no marital problems and that he has spent “several great months” with the mother of his future son and that she “is a wonderful girl.” “She has been through what happens many times, thousands of times, throughout anyone’s life. It is not irresponsibility. We are not irresponsible, neither she nor I,” said Bertín.

Relationship problems?

She is charming, friendly, very pretty and she is also a physiotherapist and it has removed two injuries that I had from playing sports. I’ve seen it eight or ten times. And she has been here in Seville with some of her friends two or three times. Period and it’s over,” said Bertín then on account of the presentation of his program my house is yours.

“If I were in love, the first to know would be you. But it is that, first, it does not even cross my mind, and second, it has not happened. And if so, I would say it because I have nothing to hide, ”she added. In addition, Bertín maintained that he had many friends of the same type. “I have another 25 special friends, but I don’t have a relationship with anyone, nor with Gabi either. There’s no more”, assured the singer.

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