Bayonetta 3 already has a release date according to reliable informant

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Nintendo gave a big surprise at the end of last year when it showed again Bayonetta 3, years after officially revealing it. Although the new trialer showed several minutes of gameplay and ensured that the title would arrive before 2023, there was no release date. Are you waiting for it? There could be good news, as there is an informant who claims to know when it will go on sale Bayonetta 3.

We are almost in July 2022, which means that Bayonetta 3 It should debut in less than 6 months. Nintendo has been clear with the debut date, since it has reaffirmed that the new adventure of the Witch of Umbra will be available before 2023, although it has raised suspicions among fans, who believe that it could be delayed.

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Bayonetta 3 already has a release date according to reliable informant

Concerns should be allayed if we believe the information from Syluxhunter, a whistleblower who claims that Bayonetta 3 It already has a release date, precisely October 28, 2022.

The above does not sound unreasonable. As we told you, if Nintendo has plans to launch Bayonetta 3the indicated month to put it up for sale should be October, since July is already occupied by Xenoblade Chronicles 3September is already occupied by Splatoon 3 and November or December would be occupied by Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

As on other occasions, we remind you that this is unofficial information, so we recommend you take it with reservations. However, you should know that this informant has shared unofficial details days before the official announcements and they have been accurate.

For example, Syluxhunter (who writes on the paper is Sylux, bounty hunter from Metroid Prime), was one of the first (June 23) to anticipate that there would be a Nintendo Direct on June 28 or 29, which happened (June 28). To top it off, 3 days before the broadcast he revealed some of the strongest games to be announced (Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, person 3, 4 Y 5 Y NieR: Automata), so it has been shown to have reliable contacts.

In case you missed it: Bayonetta 3 It’s already listed in the upcoming releases section of the Nintendo eShop.

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Bayonetta 3 is in development exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to Bayonetta if you visit this page.

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