Barcelona hosts the presentation of the fourth edition of Dinapsis Digital Paper

Barcelona hosts the presentation of the fourth edition of Dinapsis Digital Paper


Yesterday the fourth edition of the digital magazine Dinapsis Digital Paper, focused on IoT platforms and the value of data, was presented in Barcelona. Throughout the presentation ceremony, various industry experts shared impressions on the digital transformation of the water sector, the use of artificial intelligence in the development of new business models and IoT platforms, among others.

Jaime Recio, Director of Dinapsis Smart Metering & IoT led a presentation that began with the intervention of Claudio Cosentino, Director of Smart Metering at Agbar, in which he highlighted the new role and current challenges related to data:

We receive about 50 million pieces of data: in one day we receive the same information that we would traditionally receive in about six years. The main challenge is being able to extract its value.Claudio Cosentino

The presentation ceremony of this fourth edition of Dinapsis Digital Paper had the collaboration of Luis Velasco, Google’s EMEA Data Analytics Solution Lead, who commented on the main trends in the world of data, with special emphasis on the need to apply open standards in the management and operation of this data, embracing the concept of open source as the basis of this management.

He also highlighted the value of ethics in the face of the new opportunities offered by the appearance of new digital tools, with enormous potential and transformative capacity:

The new foundational models will allow us to do great things, but it will be essential to do so based on ethics and responsibility.Luis Velasco

Panel discussion in the fourth edition of Dinapsis Digital Paper

A panel discussion followed, made up of Juan José Carmena, EMEA Enterprise Solutions Sales Manager at GitHub/Microsoft; Óscar Ruíz, CEO of Elliot Cloud; David Clavera, Agbar’s Cloud Architect; and Luis Velasco himself.

During the debate, the need for open standards was deepened in order to extract the maximum potential from the data obtained and to be able to optimize its value during its useful life cycle. New collaborative work models were highlighted, pointing out the conversion of the programmer’s role to a more creative version in the business valorization process, a phenomenon that already occurs in many companies.

The speech by Guillermo Pascual, Agbar’s Director of Operations and Digital Transformation, put an end to the presentation of the fourth edition of the Dinapsis Digital Paper. In it, he highlighted the data valorization process in which Dinapsis is found as a differential factor in its value proposition to configure the most appropriate services to the reality of each territory, highlighting the importance of the union between technology and experience as the basis of that valuation.

The digital magazine Dinapsis Digital Paper presents and exposes, in its different editions, the main trends in the innovation and digital transformation sector, within the framework of Dinapsis’s commitment to both fields. The magazine has three previous issues on ‘Healthy cities’, ‘City and innovation’ and ‘Smart and sustainable tourism’, which can also be consulted in his web page.

The fourth installment can be downloaded by clicking here.

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