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AWS seeks to include the cloud in the Government’s digital plan

Jose Alvaro

Cloud technology has different uses and the giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) works to show governments all the possibilities that exist for them to take advantage of their solutions and have a better performance in favor of citizens.

The fields of action have to do with the energy transition and climate change, as well as the management and prevention of natural disasters.

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The topic was part of the agenda of the AWS Summit that was held this week in Washington, event that annually convenes the public sector cloud computing community so that you are up to date with the news and solutions of the company.

abby danielDirector of Programs for Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean, explains that in Colombia, AWS has worked with the local authorities of Bogotá and Barranquilla, to name a few cases.

Now this in the task of explaining to the government of President Gustavo Petro how from its developments, It can support the administration to meet the challenges it has set itself.

When it comes to climate change and the energy transition, issues in which you have expressed so much interest, AWS can offer you answers, Daniell says, noting that “I know that for the Petro Government sustainability and being responsible in renewable energy is very important”.

In this sense, it requires that AWS could analyze and make a diagnosis on the impact that the reduction of the carbon footprint would have if the central government migrates everything to the cloud.

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From his experience, training students and professionals in the use of the cloud is also vital. “We know that digital transformation at the country and global level is growing.o” and details about the work with the Seine in that direction. Another area of ​​action has to do with the identification of policies that improve the lives of citizens, “the clientsof a government. In this matter, disaster prevention or data protection are important.

Jose Alvaro

TX group

At the event, AWS showcased the advantages of a vehicle that can go to the site of a natural disaster and that it is equipped with computing tools.
It has a device that stores and runs data and images of the affected area so that those in charge of the catastrophe can make decisions quickly and even save lives.

This technology was brought to Colombia when the tragedy occurred in San Andrés due to the passage of Hurricane Iota. “These solutions are replicable and scalable throughout the region, taking into account the impact that natural disasters have on countries.”, explains the directive, while highlighting the work related to technological solutions that allow prevention before natural phenomena.

Jose Luis Alvaro, is director of Technology of Grupo TX, of Panama, a company that has been advising governments in their service and collection processes for 30 years. In Colombia he has worked on projects with municipalities and governments. Among his clients are, for example, the Medellín Mayor’s Office and the Cundinamarca Governor’s Office.

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He The executive explains that the company has ventured into prevention and early warning of floods in areas adjacent to rivers. He says that the most frequent natural disasters in the region are related to floods, so the tool becomes a support to achieve the least possible impact from these phenomena.

With AWS, Grupo TX found this to be a necessity and for a client in Panamathe Civil Protection System, which wanted to identify the risks, placed a number of sensors, cheaper than the traditional ones and with low maintenance requirements, so that the authorities could maintain their investment over time.

With this development we can have real-time data on how the river is at different measurement points, which provides a quick and early amount of information in order to make early decisions.”, he comments.

The system has the advantage that it sends alerts by text message to cell phones, emails or automatic calls about news in the area being monitored. This, to the authorities, although it can also be extended to the residents who would be at risk of being affected.

The pilot test has been going on for 6 months, with good acceptance in Panama and in the next few days Grupo TX will officially launch the tool to later take it to 15 Latin American countries, including Colombia.

This technology has a scope that allows it to be integrated with solutions from other partners. Alvaro says thatwe’ve talked to those who have for earthquakes and forest fires. In addition, the platform allows the integration of another type of sensor, for example for air quality, temperature, soil humidity (landslides). The latter will be our next scope”.

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