Authorities acknowledge that “it would be a miracle” to find survivors of the sunken ship near Hong Kong

At least 27 people are missing after the sinking of a ship in southern China


The Hong Kong Air Public Service has reported this Sunday that there is “very little chance” of rescuing the shipwrecks from the ship that split in two on Saturday due to the passage of typhoon ‘Chaba’ to the point that “it would be a miracle “.

“Our experience tells us that the possibility of finding them alive is very, very small,” said a spokesman, West Wu, quoted by the Hong Kong public television RTHK.

“The weather and sea conditions have been the cause of this incident. We are with the families of the missing sailors and workers and I hope we can find survivors. It would be a miracle,” he added.

Three planes and six helicopters have participated in the rescue mission with a total of 36 troops, including rescuers who were called out of shift to collaborate.

Three of the crew members of the ship – in which 30 people were traveling – could be rescued on Saturday, but the rest are still missing, according to the RTHK.

The Maritime Search and Rescue Center activated the emergency signal on Saturday after the crane ship ‘Fujing 001’ — which is part of the infrastructure for the construction of an offshore wind farm project — broke down and sank, the ‘China Daily’ newspaper reported.

Emergency services from the southern provinces of the peninsula and Hong Kong moved to the scene to participate in the rescue.

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