AUKUS countries test military equipment with artificial intelligence for the first time

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May 26, 2023 17:59 GMT

The anti-China coalition claims that this technology will help promote “security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.”

For the first time, the member countries of the AUKUS coalition (Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States) carried out joint tests of military equipment equipped with artificial intelligence and autonomy with the aim of “rapidly bringing these technologies to responsible military use”, communicated this Friday the British Ministry of Defense.

In the maneuvers, carried out in April, drones were used, a Challenger 2 tank, a Warrior armored vehicle, an FV433 Abbot self-propelled howitzer, among other equipment. The trials focused on the detection and tracking of military targets in real time. “Accelerating the development of these technologies will have a great impact on the military capacity of the coalition” to promote “security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region,” reads the statement.

“The strategic environment is rapidly evolving, which means that we must adapt our technologies at the same pace if we are to maintain our operational advantage“, says the Ministry of Defense. It stresses that these technologies will help to identify, track and counter teams of potential opponents from a greater distance and in a faster way.

“Military personnel, scientists and engineers from our three nations combined to develop and share critical information to improve decision-making for commanders,” said British Deputy Chief of Defense Staff Rob Magowan. For his part, the US Defense Secretary’s senior adviser for AUKUS, Abe Denmark, said intelligence will allow the coalition to “defend the principles of freedom and democracy around the world“.

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