At least two policemen injured after several explosions in a kyiv court

The author of the explosions immolates himself with one of his devices

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The Ukrainian Police reported this Wednesday that at least two police officers were injured after a man blew up several explosive devices after being taken to a district court in Kiev, the country’s capital, where he was to be tried by a crime committed in 2015.

The Ukrainian Interior Minister, Ihor Klimenko, has indicated that the attacker and defendant, identified as Ihor Humenyuk, has died after blemishing himself with one of his devices. “We could literally say that he has blown himself up,” said the minister during a press conference.

Thus, he explained that Humenyuk had been charged with a crime committed in 2015 and that it would have led to the death of four members of the Ukrainian National Guard. After his transfer to the court this Wednesday and before the court hearing against him, Humenyuk locked himself in a bathroom for two hours and then threw an explosive device at a security guard, Klimenko said.

The minister has indicated that later he tried to escape from the court and that, seeing that exit was impossible, he barricaded himself in a room. “Two agents from the special rapid response unit of the Police (KORD) tried to reach him when he launched another device,” he said before indicating that they were only injured “because they were carrying shields.”

Previously, the authorities reported that the building was cordoned off and pointed out that the author of the explosions was a defendant who had been taken to court shortly before.

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