At least two dead and 19 injured in a shooting at an LGBTI pub in Oslo, Norway

At least two dead and 19 injured in a shooting at an LGBTI pub in Oslo, Norway

June 25. (EUROPA PRESS) –

Oslo Police have reported this Saturday that at least two people have died and 19 people have been injured as a result of a shooting at an LGBTI pub in the center of the Norwegian capital.

Shortly after the incident, a person has been arrested near the scene, according to the Oslo Police on their Twitter account.

Oslo University Hospital (Ulleval) has been on red alert –according to local media reports–, because a high influx of wounded was expected. Seven patients have been admitted to Ulleval, while another victim has been transferred to Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), northwest of Oslo, twenty kilometers from the capital.

In addition, another eleven people have been taken to other emergency health centers. Therefore, the Norwegian authorities have recorded a total of 19 injured as a result of the shooting.

At first, the agents reported that it was “an unclear situation”, in which the participation of several perpetrators was being considered. However, “all indications point to a lone assailant,” police spokesman Tore Barstad later said, according to the NRK broadcaster.

Likewise, the incident has been described as a “cooperation procedure between the different emergency services in contexts of violence with the risk of life for several people” (PLIVO).

The cocktail bar, called the London Pub, is one of the three crime scenes. The wounded are spread over a fast food restaurant and the Herr Nilsen jazz club, all on Rosenkrantz street, in the center of Oslo, Barstad confirmed to TV2.

At the moment, the authorities have not confirmed that it is a hate crime against the LGTBI community.


The Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security, Emilie Enger Mehl, has sent her condolences to the deceased and injured, as well as to all those affected, according to the Norwegian public broadcasting corporation NRK.

“Norway is a community of trust where everyone should feel safe outside on a Saturday night,” the policy has riveted, before confirming that the Police have arrested an alleged aggressor and that work is being done to clarify the circumstances of the event.

The ‘Oslo Pride’ festival has communicated to NRK its condolences to the relatives and injured, in addition to informing the establishment of a crisis team and “continuous dialogue with the police and other agencies”.

This Saturday the Pride parade is called in the Norwegian capital, one of the most important celebrations of the LGBTI community in the country.

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