At least fifteen detained in Tel Aviv during protests against the resignation of the police chief

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Four more protesters arrested in Jerusalem


At least fifteen people have been detained in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv after thousands of people took to the streets late Wednesday to protest against the resignation of the local district police commander, Amichai Eshed, who has finally resigned from the position due to the criticism leveled by the Government against him for not making greater use of force against the protesters in recent months.

Security forces have tried to quell the protests as the crowd has agglomerated on the Ayalon highway, blocking traffic to the north of the city, according to reports in the newspaper ‘Haaretz’.

Despite the use of water cannons by the Police, protesters continue to block the main roads in Tel Aviv, where at least one person has been injured after being hit by a driver who tried to force his way through the crowd.

The protests have also spread to Jerusalem, where four people have been arrested as the Police use water cannons to deal with the protesters who have come to the Paris square.

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