Asobancaria launches strategy to reduce financing gaps

Asobancaria launches strategy to reduce financing gaps

During the inauguration of the 13th Congress of Access to Financial Services and Means of Payment (CAMP), the president of Asobancaria, Jonathan Malagón, highlighted the commitments that the sector has with women, with the rural sector, with the improvement of systems paid and with the financing of the dreams of Colombians.

The president of Asobancaria pointed out the advances that the sector has had, such as the high penetration of digital deposit products (42% in Colombia vs 23% in the region), the increasing digitalization of the operations of the financial system or the financial inclusion figures, which exceeded 92% of adults.

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Despite this, Malagón pointed out that there are gaps that persist, such as those between rural and urban populations or those between men and women. To work on overcoming these gaps and reach more and more Colombians, the president of Asobancaria pointed out the four fronts on which the sector must work.

On the first front, that of being a bank that is committed to womenthe president of Asobancaria pointed out that the union joins the initiative of the national Government of the Popular and Community Economy that includes guarantee schemes and capital subsidies and rates with a gender focus.

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“Besides, we will continue to promote the adoption of digital mechanisms, which are a tool to reach more women; adjust our value offer so that your inclusion process is successful. That is key in building a better country,” said Malagón.

On the second front, being a bank committed to the rural population, the sector will continue to promote credit solutions for small and medium-sized agricultural producers, with tools such as increasing the coverage of subsidized rates, strengthening guarantee schemes, and promoting greater access. to insurance; all this complemented with the promotion of digital instruments.

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On the third front, that of being a bank that makes life easier for Colombianshe
The president of Asobancaria pointed out that it is essential to modernize the operation of the
payment system. For this reason, the union supports the road map of Banco de la República, the
URF, and the Financial Superintendence of Colombia in this regard, and, consequently,
the entities are committed to increasing the interoperability of the ecosystem.

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