ASIA TODAY Turkish journalist arrested for publishing ‘fake news’ about earthquake

Other news of the day: China will train 5,000 security agents in different countries. Negotiation between India and Germany to build six submarines. The avian flu problem in Cambodia. Wealth disparity is growing in South Korea. Siberian ultranationalists target a rabbi.


The authorities they arrested the journalist independent Mir Ali Koçer for sharing on Twitter stories of survivors and rescuers of the earthquake that struck the country on February 6. He is accused of spreading “fake news.” He criticizes the Erdogan government for its slow reaction to the tragedy and for the precarious state of the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake.


beijing projects train 5,000 security agents from different developing countries. The main areas are the fight against terrorism, cybersecurity, biological security and new technologies. Observers see the initiative as part of Chinese efforts to expand its sphere of geopolitical influence.


During his visit to Delhi today and tomorrow, the German Chancellor will discuss, among other things, a possible $5.2 billion project for build in India six submarines. The Indian government has long been trying to modernize its arsenal of submarines in the face of increasing Chinese pressure in the Indian Ocean.


The World Health Organization has expressed concern about the spread of the bird flu in the country. Local authorities detected two cases of human transmission in a family: the 11-year-old daughter of a man who was infected died.


The rent per capita of the richest 0.1% of South Koreans is 70 times higher than that of the middle segment of the population. This was revealed by a national study published today. The richest earn an average of $1.4 million a year, and the average South Korean earns $20,155 in the same period.


Members of the Kuzbass Citizens’ Council, a Siberian ultra-nationalist group, have called on local governor Sergej Tsivilev to investigate Rabbi Menakhem Rabinovič of Novokuznetsk as a possible “foreign agent”. Author of books related to the Hasidic movement, he is accused of making propaganda “about the superiority of the Jewish people.”


The international tribunal in The Hague partially accepted Armenia’s request to order punitive action against the Azerbaijanis for the blockade of the Lachin corridor. The verdict rejects a similar appeal from Baku, obliging the Azeri to guarantee the total accessibility of the area for all the inhabitants of Karabakh.

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