ASIA TODAY Taliban ban Swedish NGOs in retaliation for Koran burning

Other news today: Pyongyang has launched its 12th ballistic missile this year after threatening the US for days. Bahrain is the first country in the world in calorie consumption, more than 4 thousand per capita. The Chinese naval base in Cambodia will also be able to receive warships and aircraft carriers. Military exercises in Taiwan include defense of the international airport for the first time. Delhi has decided to raise the standards of drug control due to the death of children. In rural areas of the Russian Far East only 3.2% of homes have running water, heating and electricity.


Afghan Taliban banned all activities of Swedish entities and NGOs in the country in response to the burning of the Koran in front of a Stockholm mosque last month. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced the decision yesterday, which particularly affects the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, with thousands of aid workers across the country.


At dawn today Pyongyang llaunched the 12th intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) this year off the east coast, one month after the last test, according to the South Korean chief of staff. In recent days, the Kim regime had accused and threatened the United States of violating its air and economic space.


Bahrain is the first country in the world to calorie consumption, according to a study by OurWorldInData from the University of Oxford based on data provided by the FAO. The population of the Gulf country even exceeds that of the United States, which ranks second with 4,012 calories per person per day. Four out of 10 adults are obese due to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of fast food.


The construction of a Chinese-funded naval base in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, which includes the expansion of a dock with the capacity to receive warships and aircraft carriers. Satellite images captured by Planet Labs confirm the rapid progress of the project, which began just two years ago. In just six months an area in the southern part tripled its size.


The Taiwan military exercises This year they include, for the first time, the defense of the main international airport and training to keep the sea lanes open in the event of a Chinese blockade. Taipei’s Defense Ministry said the Han Kuang exercises at the end of July planned to defend the airport from an air attack with paratroopers and helicopters.


The Ministry of Health reported that Delhi has decided set higher standards to small and medium pharmaceutical companies. The aim is to improve the quality of medicines following the deaths in The Gambia and Uzbekistan of at least 89 children who took locally made cough syrups last year. India has long been considered a “global pharmacy” due to the convenience of prices.


The Federal Statistical Institute Rosstat has published data on the living conditions of the inhabitants of Siberia and the Russian Far East. As in other areas, in Tuva only 3.2% of rural dwellings have drinking water, pipes, heating, hot water, gas and electricity at the same time. In the cities it reaches 30%.


Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov expressed appreciation for Iran’s “serious intentions to normalize relations” with Baku. The senior Azerbaijani official noted that if the perpetrators of the bombing of the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran last January are punished, it will be possible to restore diplomatic relations.

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